Green Consumers: Shaping Good Habits in Millennials

The Elusive Green Millennial Consumer Brands with a sustainable offering face a frustrating paradox. Millennial consumers “increasingly say they want brands that embrace purpose and sustainability,” (White, Hardisty, & Habib, 2019). However, studies reveal that those purchase intentions don’t equate to actual sales (White, Hardisty, & Habib, 2019), leading to an “intention-action gap” (see FigureContinue reading “Green Consumers: Shaping Good Habits in Millennials”

Good Work for Good People

This blog has bad words in it. Yesterday was my weekly mental health day. Usually on Thursdays, I’ll do some reading or Left-brained Creative (LBC) work, or otherwise just chill before my volunteer shift at the Maryland Horse Rescue. Oftentimes I’ll hang out at my childhood park (aka “the duck pond”) and work from myContinue reading “Good Work for Good People”

“I Deserve to be Paid for My Time.”

A Mantra for Professionals Ay-yo! Your girl, Kelly, here. Let me tell ya about what I’m currently reading. It’s called, “How to do the Work,” by Dr. Nicole LePera (2021). I’m on chapter 6, “The Power of Belief,” and I have had a bit of a breakthrough I wanted to share with my fellow workaholicContinue reading ““I Deserve to be Paid for My Time.””

Choosing Your Design Rate

Since hiring an in-house team of marketing communication and design specialists is not financially feasible, let’s take a look at what it would cost to hire one person. The Cost of Hiring One Let’s say that one in-house design person can expect to work about 6 productive hours per day (and let’s be real, 6Continue reading “Choosing Your Design Rate”