Notes from the Artist

Welcome to my blog and thank you for checking it out! Here, I discuss all things brand, marketing, and mental health and wellness—random, right? Although mental illness is part of my narrative, this is not a “Debbie Downer” kind of blog. My approach to life is very much, if you don’t laugh about it, you’ll cry about. If you like what you read and want to keep in touch, please subscribe to my blog and add me on social.

I have to point out, I’m not a mental health expert (I’m a brand marketing and design expert!) but have a lifetime of lived experiences in mind and body wellness. The things I talk about in my blog are not, and should not, constitute actual medical advice.

If you’re experiencing a mental health crisis, please call 911. If you’re not quite at a crisis but are feeling all kinds of discontent, please contact your primary care physician, or visit the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) HelpLine for information and resources on how to get help. It might feel really hopeless right now, but I swear, it gets better. Keep your head up and hold what ‘cha got.*

*This is Strine family wisdom imparted on me by my dad as we fixed fence posts in the pasture. In the literal sense, it meant stay alert and don’t drop the fence board you’re holding. In the metaphorical sense, it means stay positive and hang on with all the courage and strength you have in you. Do not give up!

Kelly’s Credentials

Kelly (she / her)

Westminster, Maryland

Baltimore and D.C. metro
areas of Maryland

Industry Titles: Creative director, brand manager, and marketing communications director

Experience: 13+ years working with nonprofits, small businesses, and global corporate brands

Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication Design from Stevenson University

Graduate Degree: Master of Science in Management with Marketing Specialization from the University of Maryland Global Campus

Favorite Industry Skills: Strategic branding, information design, brand communication strategy, visual communication design, copywriting, and building meaningful relationships with clients

Hobbies: Caring for horses (aka pony therapy), brainstorming with the best man I know (aka my husband), cuddling with the cat (aka Princess Mina), and working together to raise a good human (aka my stepdaughter)

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