Website, logo, and branding package

The Zookeeper’s Companion logo and website

The Zookeeper’s Companion is a small, woman-owned business, that is less than a year old. The owner came to us and requested a logo, branding, and website in an effort to build a professional online brand image. The logo process included a thorough brand analysis to understand the company’s characteristics and core values. And as with all logo packages, the client received all rights transferred, final artwork files, and brand consistency guidelines.

Once the logo design and branding was finalized, we started on the website. Important aspects of the website were that (1) it be 100% mobile friendly. And (2) it needed to link to the scheduling platform used to book clients. The website was built on WordPress, is responsive, includes a call to action on each page, and is optimized for search engines (SEO). And as an added bonus, we got to flex our writing chops by doing all of the site’s copywriting. Since launch, The Zookeeper’s Companion has enjoyed a steady stream of daily visitors! You can view the full website design at

Custom 8-page closed-gate brochure and mailer

ESA certification brochure

The ESA certification brochure is an 8-page closed-gate brochure, intended to mail as a self-mailer, and be delivered by hand at events where the ESA is exhibiting. The purpose of the brochure is to increase awareness regarding the professional certification offered by the association. It also highlights the benefits of the ESA certification program, entices potential candidates by promoting career development, and offers clear calls to action. The design features the “human element,” and a clean, professional style that is in alignment with the ESA’s brand.

New member on-boarding and membership retention campaign

AIUM Membership Campaign

The AIUM membership campaign consists of two parts: (1) On-boarding new members, and (2) the renewal and retention process. Below is an outline of the membership cycle. Please note, membership is on a 12-month rolling basis.

New member on-boarding:
  • Month 1: Upon joining, a new member receives an automated e-mail receipt, and automated e-mail welcome message with videos messages from association leadership.
  • Month 1: Also within the first month of joining, new members will receive a welcome letter from the association president and a benefits brochure in the mail.
  • Month 2: New members are welcomed in a full-page print ad in the association’s peer-reviewed scientific journal.
  • Months 2-6: Each month, new members receive an email explaining different membership benefits as part of the on-boarding process.
Membership renewal process:
  • Months 10-11: Members approaching expiration will receive a print invoice with business return envelope (BRE) and promotional flyer at the beginning of the month. Two weeks later, members will receive an emailed invoice with the same message, unless they have already renewed.
  • Month 12: If members have not renewed, they receive a reminder (cover tip) on their journal publication, a print invoice at the beginning of the month, and an email invoice 1 week prior to expiration.
  • Months 13-16: Expired members continue to receive a print invoice at the beginning of the month and an email invoice two weeks later. Messaging switches to reflect expired status.
Our role on this project:

Obviously, a membership campaign of this size is a team effort! Here’s a snapshot of what we led versus what we collaborated on:

  • We partnered with the director of communications and member services, and the membership manager on the cadence of the campaign pieces and the messaging.
  • We led all brand and creative initiatives and managed the vendor relationships for the print components.
  • We partnered with the email marketing manager on data processing and setting up the automated emails; while we developed all of the digital assets, including custom banners, icons, and buttons.

Membership acquisition brochures

AIUM new member acquisition print brochures

In addition to the membership campaign, the AIUM developed two print brochures to attract new members. Whereas the membership campaign focused on welcoming recently joined members and retaining members approaching expiration, the acquisition brochures focused on marketing the benefits the organization has to offer in terms of membership.

The two membership categories of focus included general membership and student membership. The target audience for AIUM membership included a wide age range, therefore there was a need to include a print application. However, the student membership audience is more technologically savvy, so the student brochure focused more on cost-savings and drove traffic to sign up online.

The creative was developed in line with the association’s branding, as well as the brand developed for the membership campaign. Maintaining consistent branding across the different membership components provides a seamless visual experience for the user.

The content of the brochures was strategically developed to have a longer shelf-life, which enabled the AIUM to keep a small inventory of brochures in stock. Whenever the AIUM exhibited, hosted events, or visited schools or other centers, staff would take the brochures and hand them out to potential members. The return on investment was an increase in membership and consistent branding experience as they entered into the new member on-boarding campaign.

Infographics to support financial market commentary

T. Rowe Price infographics

A strategic initiative of the global investment editorial team at T. Rowe Price was to move their market commentary to a more visual approach. That meant adding information design and infographics to their long-form white papers to increase reader understanding and engagement. We partnered with investment editorial staff writers to understand the concepts they were writing about and develop infographics to accompany their commentary.

The infographic designs were so well-received that other areas of the business (marketing, retirement plan services, etc.) were requesting to repackage the infographics into one-sheet leave behinds, social media graphics, and digital graphics for investment manager presentations.

Custom event branding

AIUM event branding and promotional flyers

The AIUM is a professional association that hosts several annual events throughout the year. Previously, each event had its own logo identity separate from the AIUM brand. However, each event had become so segregated from the AIUM brand that the audience didn’t understand the full breath of courses offered by the association, and instead saw the events as separate entities.

To alleviate confusion and increase the AIUM’s value proposition, we aligned the annual events under the nonprofit AIUM brand umbrella. Each event had its own distinct artwork and visual elements, but we removed the unique event logos and marketed the event as an AIUM event. The event branding was also carried throughout the other promotional materials (i.e., website graphics, program guides, social media graphics, etc.).

By aligning the events under the AIUM brand, the results impacted more than just the individual campaigns. By creating unified branding, the AIUM became an association that offers many events, instead of many separate events offered by an association. The results increased the AIUM’s brand awareness and strengthened brand equity.

2019 AIUM custom event branding

Above is a sample of portfolio materials created to support the 2019 AIUM Convention. Marketing for an annual event is a yearlong process, where creative is developed to promote the event through print, email, social media, and online channels. Not to mention, onsite signage and structures, engagement activities, app design, and onsite marketing materials. What you don’t see, is the strategic marketing and tactical plans behind it, which lay the ground work for a cohesive campaign. Therein lies the beauty of hiring the left-brained creative.

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