Event Branding and Promotion

When it comes to promoting an event using a multichannel strategy, I like to start with a one-page ad or flyer (like a save-the-date) to nail down the creative or the branding—a left-brained creative secret. Then, carry those visuals through other components in the campaign (mailers, email banners, social outreach, etc.). Above is a series of ads created to promote four different events hosted by the same association, with an emphasis on the individual event, and a tie to the corporate brand.

Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Above is a sample of portfolio materials created to support the 2019 AIUM Convention. Marketing for an annual event is a yearlong process, where creative is developed to promote the event through print, email, social media, and online channels. Not to mention, onsite signage and structures, engagement activities, app design, and onsite marketing materials. What you don’t see, is the strategic marketing and tactical plans behind it, which lay the ground work for a cohesive campaign. Therein lies the beauty of hiring the left-brained creative.

Infographics and Information Design

Information design is about taking a complex concept and breaking it down into an easily digestible and visual format. This way of “visual storytelling” can be used as standalone infographics, or as supplemental assets in longer content, and can increase audience engagement and reader understanding. Above are a few portfolio examples from my tenure at T. Rowe Price (links to the full PDF are below). Infographic content is also easy to repackage and repurpose for social media, blog posts, and website content, thus expanding your reach!

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