AIUM event branding and promotional flyers

The AIUM is a professional association that hosts several annual events throughout the year. Previously, each event had its own logo identity separate from the AIUM brand. However, each event had become so segregated from the AIUM brand that the audience didn’t understand the full breath of courses offered by the association, and instead saw the events as separate entities.

To alleviate confusion and increase the AIUM’s value proposition, we aligned the annual events under the nonprofit AIUM brand umbrella. Each event had its own distinct artwork and visual elements, but we removed the unique event logos and marketed the event as an AIUM event. The event branding was also carried throughout the other promotional materials (i.e., website graphics, program guides, social media graphics, etc.).

By aligning the events under the AIUM brand, the results impacted more than just the individual campaigns. By creating unified branding, the AIUM became an association that offers many events, instead of many separate events offered by an association. The results increased the AIUM’s brand awareness and strengthened brand equity.

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