AIUM new member acquisition print brochures

In addition to the membership campaign, the AIUM developed two print brochures to attract new members. Whereas the membership campaign focused on welcoming recently joined members and retaining members approaching expiration, the acquisition brochures focused on marketing the benefits the organization has to offer in terms of membership.

The two membership categories of focus included general membership and student membership. The target audience for AIUM membership included a wide age range, therefore there was a need to include a print application. However, the student membership audience is more technologically savvy, so the student brochure focused more on cost-savings and drove traffic to sign up online.

The creative was developed in line with the association’s branding, as well as the brand developed for the membership campaign. Maintaining consistent branding across the different membership components provides a seamless visual experience for the user.

The content of the brochures was strategically developed to have a longer shelf-life, which enabled the AIUM to keep a small inventory of brochures in stock. Whenever the AIUM exhibited, hosted events, or visited schools or other centers, staff would take the brochures and hand them out to potential members. The return on investment was an increase in membership and consistent branding experience as they entered into the new member on-boarding campaign.

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