AIUM Membership Campaign

The AIUM membership campaign consists of two parts: (1) On-boarding new members, and (2) the renewal and retention process. Below is an outline of the membership cycle. Please note, membership is on a 12-month rolling basis.

New member on-boarding:

  • Month 1: Upon joining, a new member receives an automated e-mail receipt, and automated e-mail welcome message with videos messages from association leadership.
  • Month 1: Also within the first month of joining, new members will receive a welcome letter from the association president and a benefits brochure in the mail.
  • Month 2: New members are welcomed in a full-page print ad in the association’s peer-reviewed scientific journal.
  • Months 2-6: Each month, new members receive an email explaining different membership benefits as part of the on-boarding process.

Membership renewal process:

  • Months 10-11: Members approaching expiration will receive a print invoice with business return envelope (BRE) and promotional flyer at the beginning of the month. Two weeks later, members will receive an emailed invoice with the same message, unless they have already renewed.
  • Month 12: If members have not renewed, they receive a reminder (cover tip) on their journal publication, a print invoice at the beginning of the month, and an email invoice 1 week prior to expiration.
  • Months 13-16: Expired members continue to receive a print invoice at the beginning of the month and an email invoice two weeks later. Messaging switches to reflect expired status.

My role on this project

Obviously, a membership campaign of this size is a team effort! Here’s a snapshot of what I led versus what I collaborated on:

  • I partnered with the director of communications and member services, and the membership manager on the cadence of the campaign pieces and the messaging.
  • I led all brand and creative initiatives and managed the vendor relationships for the print components.
  • I partnered with the email marketing manager on data processing and setting up the automated emails; while I developed all of the digital assets, including custom banners, icons, and buttons.

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