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Left-brained creative design and marketing solutions for small businesses, startups + nonprofits who want to take their brand to the next level, without breaking the bank.


My name is Kelly Strine and I’m a left-brained creative offering freelance graphic design services. What does that mean, you ask? Well, I’m organized, structured, highly sensitive to detail; and I approach problem-solving using creativity and logic. In practice, it means brand strategy backed by research; marketing campaigns with unified creative and messaging; and storytelling brought to life through visualizations. I work hard to understand your company, content, and audience in order to design for impact.

Graphic Design Style

I am a visual communication designer, above all else. My top priority as a graphic designer for hire is to communicate your message in a clear and strategic way. Whether that means telling the story of your brand using psychology, highlighting your company’s value in an infographic, or making your content sing with strong typography and visual cues—I will help you get your point across.


Graphic Design Services

Some of us want it all; while others want just a little. That’s why I’ve created graphic design bundle packages for those who are looking for an integrated brand or marketing campaign; and an à la carte menu for those who need just a piece. Don’t see what you’re looking for on the menu? Let me know—I’ll do my best to take special requests!


Graphic Design Process

Graphic design process

Each project begins with a consultation to discuss the parameters of the job. The left-brained creative magic happens at the Create stage, where I’ll provide 2 custom concepts.* Then, I’ll email you a PDF proof of your designs and you’ll mark-up your edits using the PDF commenting tools (preferred). Rinse, repeat 2 times, and once you love your design, we celebrate! Upon final payment, I’ll package all the native files with a cherry on top.

*Number of initial concepts and number of edit rounds provided will be discussed during the initial consult.

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